1. Japanese Kit Kat Awesomeness

    I first became aware of Kit Kats in Japan during a visit to Kyoto. I kept seeing boxes of the green tea version everywhere and then finally caved into buying some at Narita Airport when leaving the country. I then found out that there are many different Kit Kat flavours available all across Japan – some are only available for a limited time and each region has their own specialities. Since then I have made it my mission on each subsequent visit to Japan to try and find as many varieties that I can.

    Kit Kats became popular in Japan due to their name. In Japan they are called “Kitto Katto” which is very similar to the phrase “Kitto Katsu” which means “to surely/certainly win” – hence they have become good luck presents especially for students taking entrance exams.

    Here are all the Kit Kats that I have managed to track down so far. I will keep updating this post as and when I find more.


    Sakura Matcha (Cherry Blossom and Green Tea) flavour and Zunda (Edamame) flavour


    Strawberry Flavour and Green Tea (Matcha) Flavour


    Wasabi Flavour and Yubari Melon Flavour


    Tokyo Skytree Edition (Orange Flavour)


    Dark Chocolate “Adult Sweetness” Flavour and White Chocolate “Adult Sweetness” Flavour


    Ichimi (Japanese Chilli Pepper) Flavour and Shinshu Apple Flavour


    Citrus Golden Blend Flavour and Blueberry Cheesecake Flavour


    Purple Sweet Potato Flavour and Cookies and Cream Flavour


    There are several places where I usually go to find Kit Kats in Tokyo. I would love to find more places which stock them! Drug stores such as Family Mart, 7 Eleven and Lawson also often stock them.

    Niki no Kashi in Ameyoko Market near Ueno Station stocks many different varieties of Japanese sweets and chocolate.


    Shokoku Gotochi at First Avenue in the basement of Tokyo Station is another shop which sells different varieties of Kit Kats. During my travels I have found many different varieties of Kit Kats in shops in large railway stations where you can catch the Shinkansen Bullet Train from.


    There are also several stores at Narita Airport which stock Kit Kats. There is one fantastic store in the Terminal One shopping area between the North and South wing check-in areas called Foods Shop Omori which sells many different varieties. There is also a store after security called Fa-So-La Asakusa which usually stocks two or three of the most popular flavours.


    I wonder what I’ll find on my next visit to Japan…

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    10 thoughts on “Japanese Kit Kat Awesomeness

    1. Nikki

      Hi I’ve just read your post on your blog πŸ™‚

      I’ve never heard of the Kit Kat Chocolatory until now and sadly I won’t be back in Japan for quite a while πŸ™

    2. Luke

      I can’t wait to get to Japan and buy all the different KitKat’s! I’ve been fortunate enough to try so many of them already thanks to a friend who travels to Japan regularly, but I can’t wait to buy them myself and try more flavours!


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