1. Central Perk (The Friends Cafe) – Shanghai, China

    I truly believe that anyone my age will still happily sit and watch any episode of Friends again and again and easily be able to quote most of the episodes off by heart. Who didn’t like Friends? It’s hard to believe that the series finished in 2004 as it honestly still feels like yesterday when we were watching Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross every Friday night. (more…)

  2. Hello Kitty Secret Garden – Hong Kong

    The next stop on my list of character cafes to visit in Hong Kong was the Hello Kitty Secret Garden cafe located on Ormsby Street in Tai Hang on Hong Kong Island. Thankfully I was staying in nearby Causeway Bay so it only took me just over ten minutes to walk there from my hotel. However if you are using the MTR to get there, then the closest station to the cafe is Tin Hau on the Island Line – you will need Exit B and then it’s just over a five minute walk from there. (more…)

  3. Mr Bean Coffee Shop – Shanghai, China

    Since Shanghai Disneyland opened in June, I have found myself travelling to Shanghai more than ever. Because of this, I started researching different things online to see and do as well as looking if there were any character cafes that I could visit.  One of the first I found was the Mr Bean Coffee Shop – yes you heard that correctly. (more…)

  4. The Lamma Island Family Trail – Hong Kong

    Despite visiting Hong Kong more times than I can remember over the years, I had never visited Lamma Island until September this year.  Lamma Island is only located 3km from Hong Kong Island but is a world away from the Hong Kong we all know due to the fact it has no cars, no high buildings and a very small population.  I discovered that there is an easy hike called the Family Trail between the two towns of Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan so I made my plan to visit. (more…)

  5. The Rik Mayall Memorial Bench – London, England

    In November 2014, a bench in memory and honour of the late great Rik Mayall was unveiled in Hammersmith. The original bench was featured in the opening credits of the television series Bottom featuring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson and had been removed. However after an online campaign, a new bench was placed and unveiled as a tribute to Rik. (more…)

  6. Disney Dream Halloween on the High Seas Cruise: Day Four – At Sea

    Once again after not enough sleep, I woke up early about 06:30am. I wish I could have slept in later as I knew that the following morning when we disembarked would be another early start. Today was our last full day onboard and we were going to be at sea for the whole day. A better description would be that we were going to floating around like a cork with minimal engine power close to Freeport for the majority of the day before finally heading back towards Port Canaveral in the evening. (more…)

  7. Disney Dream Halloween on the High Seas Cruise: Day Two – Nassau, Bahamas

    After a few solid hours of sleep, I woke up early at 06:55am. I tried going back to sleep but that was never going to happen. After sitting in bed with some tea and watching the Good Morning Disney Dream show on the television, I looked out of the window to see that we were approaching Nassau. It looked very stormy outside and there were many grey clouds to be seen. We were also treated to the sight of a beautiful rainbow. (more…)